Keep Your Base Layers Performing

Athletes of all kinds are turning to high performance base layers for an added edge whether they are training or competing in them. These fabrics are designed for ultimate breathability and temperature regulation of an athletes body in motion.

When designing the formula for our Performance Wash it was a necessity that it cleared the pours of these types of fabrics effectively unlike  most grocery store detergents which actually clog the passages. As a result your base layer is no longer regulating your temperature as it was intended.

These fabrics also tend to trap and retain odour with their “moisture wicking” designs which is why Wash’s Pico 12 Anti Microbial formula is important to eradicating the bacterias living in those pours and keeping you smelling your best and preventing rashes and infections over time.

A simple capful of Molecule Wash will change the way you look at doing laundry from a daily chore to a competitive advantage.