Molecule is Made for Whistler

There is no place on earth that personifies what Molecule is more than Whistler. A town centered around outdoor activity, performance, determination and like minded people who want the best out of themselves and their equipment.

With the mountain biking season underway riders are setting up shop in Whistler putting their gear through the ringer. While your gear is out there protecting you, it is reasonable to return the favour by ensuring your gear is being maintained correctly to ensure it lasts longer and is safe and clean on your skin.

It’s no surprise that jerseys, pads, helmets all get muddy and gross, and begin to smell. Those smells are from the development of bacteria. using our Wash and Refresh products can keep those smells away and bacterias from forming in the fabrics and padding associated with safety gear.

Long story short keep your gear clean you filthy animals, no one wants to ride with the smelly guy anyways.

You will notice our fresh smell on most of the Whistler resorts rental gear and now our products are being added to retailers across the village.

You can now find us at:

-Troy Lee Designs

-Whistler Village Sports

-Coastal Culture (Creekside)

We will be adding a few more outlets for your convenience, but be sure to drop in and give Molecule a try and you’ll wonder how you ever did without it before!