Protect Yourself With Refresh

As you all know we are in uncharted territories in today’s world with a health scare that is unprecedented. To be safe we must all practice some new measures in our daily lives and cleanliness is a key component in that. At Molecule cleanliness is taken with the utmost seriousness, in fact when  our sprays are produced we use some of the brightest engineers to design our formulas and only source the best and cleanest ingredients so we can find to ensure a premium product for those who put their trust in our work.  Our Refresh is no exception and is one of the most versatile products we know of. It can safely be applied on all fabrics and surfaces to clean, remove odour and kill anything trying to live in those fibres that may risk or compromise your health. Feel free, to spray your helmet and go for a ride, or spray your couch, carpets, car interior and know that after you spray it Refresh is fighting for you to combat the threats to your health that you can’t see.