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Protect Yourself With Refresh

As you all know we are in uncharted territories in today’s world with a health scare that is unprecedented. To be safe we must all practice some new measures in our daily lives and cleanliness is a key component in that. At Molecule cleanliness is taken with the utmost seriousness, in fact when  our sprays […]

Molecule is Made for Whistler

There is no place on earth that personifies what Molecule is more than Whistler. A town centered around outdoor activity, performance, determination and like minded people who want the best out of themselves and their equipment. With the mountain biking season underway riders are setting up shop in Whistler putting their gear through the ringer. […]

Keep Your Base Layers Performing

Athletes of all kinds are turning to high performance base layers for an added edge whether they are training or competing in them. These fabrics are designed for ultimate breathability and temperature regulation of an athletes body in motion. When designing the formula for our Performance Wash it was a necessity that it cleared the […]