We Want You To Be At Your Best

We all know as an athlete the effort put in to achieving your best is gruelling. This is why you put in the extra reps, take that extra class, don’t cheat on your diet and take the supplements that best suit your body type for peak performance. On the outside you buy the best gear you can to suit your sporting or fitness regime. Whether it’s padding, or base layers, technical apparel or a helmet and gloves that item is only as good as you care for it.

While most don’t think of the impact of washing and cleaning their athletic gear or even worse not cleaning it, it is important to ensure you are using a product designed to work in unison with your particular athletic gear.

This is why we take the science of clean seriously. While we have a large range of products, we feel it’s important to focus on the simplicity of our two key performers in the apparel care line and those are our Wash (Liquid Detergent) and Refresh (Odour/Anti Microbial spray).

With these two items you can keep your gear at the peak of its performance as long as possible all while simply cleaning it at home with a quick splash of Wash or spray of Refresh.

Technical Apparels designed to “wick” sweat also tend to hold bacteria and unpleasant odour in their fibres . Our Wash is up for that task of removing preventing bacteria from further growth

With Wash we created a cleaning detergent that is not designed to mask smell and remove stains. It is designed to kill the smell and bacteria at it’s source, as well as removing all soils in a safe and non harsh manner. Our wash has anti-microbial agents which go into the fibres and remove bacterias and stop them from re-growing rather than just masking them with perfume. Our cleaning agents gently remove the most stubborn stains from inside the threads out to ensure the integrity of the fabric is not compromised ensuring your gear lasts longer and performs better. Breathability is also a top priority for most choosing their sports apparel and while most detergents clog the materials  our product is designed to release from the fabric leaving no traces when you are performing at your peak.

Hockey Gear is undoubtedly the ultimate offender. Don’t let the “Hockey Gunk” take you under. Avoid rashes and infections with Refresh

Pads, Helmets, Boots, Mats, and Gloves all are areas that bacteria thrive in and due to the nature of their construction don’t allow for washing in traditional washing machines. Our Refresh Spray can handle any task. Simply spray and our highly concentrated *pico 12 proprietary Anti Microbial blend will actively go to work on your gear removing harmful bacterias that are living in your gear. A simple rule is if it smells it’s a risk to your health as sweat can be dangerous containing: Staphe infections, and more that can really affect your performance and longterm wellbeing . A simple spray down of your gear and you’re good to go, as Refresh continues to work over time and the more applications you make the more effective it is.

Ski Gear is not exempt from foul odour. Keep your boots and helmets fresh with a few simple sprays of refresh.